Britt York ~ Midwife

Britt York

Britt York,  Ohana Midwife Assistant

I was blessed to grow up amongst the beautiful Mountains in Switzerland and the oceans in Australia due to having parents from either side of our beautiful planet. I am a qualified Midwife, Yoga Teacher and Cranio Sacral Therapist and love to live life to its fullest. My passions are being outdoors as much as possible, spending time with the people I love (my family, my husband, my two beautiful stepchildren and my best friends.) I also have a big love for free-diving , surfing and spending as much time in, on and under water as possible. I love Snowboarding and Climbing , making Art and creating delicious and healthy food. Britt York

Always having felt gratitude for the sacred life we are blessed with, I followed my calling towards women, babies, families through becoming a qualified midwife as soon as I was 18 (old enough to start my studies). My passion is preserving the sacred art of birth and supporting womens’ rights during pregnancy and birth, no matter what decision they make for themselves . Many experienced and amazing Midwifes and Obstetricians I studied with in Switzerland are a big influence in my practice, as well as traveling to third world countries and supporting those in need. I also had the unique opportunity to work with Ibu Robin Lim at Bumi Sehat, a birthing center in Bali, where I volunteered.

Britt York at Ohana Midwifery

Live, love yoga

I strongly encourage you to experience yourself freely, flowing, finding stillness and energy, leaving you with an open heart and the knowledge on that you can achieve anything you really want to. Trough my experience as a midwife and women I feel a gift in sharing my knowledge all the way from pre-conception to your first baby months in educating and guiding each individual soul trough this very special and sacred time.


2002 Apprenticeship at Limmattal Hospital, a small Hospital next to Zurich , Switzerland
2006 Qualified from the School of Midwifery in St.Gallen, Switzerland
2007 Twelve Months as a qualified Midwife at Kantonsspital Frauenfeld, Switzerland

Britt York

Britt with her family

2008-15 Worked in Various Hospitals, Birth Centers and did a few home births around the globe. Mostly in Perth western Australia,  in Davos, Switzerland where I was the only midwife on shift in a little mountain Hospital, worked with another Midwife in Margaret River, western Australia doing home births, Esperance Hospital, Western Australia, Bumi Sehat Birth Center Bali, Indonesia, Tibetan Delek Hospital Dharmsala, India and some more little places over my travels
2009-10 Qualified from Cranio Sacral Therapy School
2011 Qualified as a Yoga Teacher following years of mentoring at a Yoga Teacher Training and teaching in Bali at various studios as well as opening my own Sacred Moon Yoga Studio
2014 Midwife to the birth of my gorgeous niece Chelsea Jane
2016 Started working with Misty at Ohana Midwifery, Reno NV, USA