Ashley Carey

Ashley Carey Birth Story

From the moment I met Misty, I knew that she was the person I wanted to attend my birth. She is so loving. It’s obvious that she genuinely cares for each mama and baby. With my first pregnancy I had to defend my choice to have a home birth. Especially to my concerned mother. Misty was so kind and patient and explained what would happen if any of those concerns became a reality so confidently that it was almost impossible to worry. After months of personalized care the big day arrive. I was able to labor at home how I wanted. Misty and Launa readied the birthing pool and quietly went about their work. Before we knew it we were holding our wonderful baby boy. I remember my mom being amazed at what a beautiful experience my home birth was. She said,” You definitely changed my mind about home births. That was amazing.”

So, almost two years later, after a positive pregnancy test I couldn’t wait to see Misty! As always she was sweet and loving and provided unparalleled care. We were able to have a silly string gender reveal thanks to the help of Harmony and Misty. And again, after months and many appointments where I probably took up more of Misty and Maggie’s time just chatting, the big day arrived. After waiting for the labor to progress a little we called Misty. The dynamic Maggie came over and monitored our progress. Then Misty and Maggie set up the birthing pool and quietly went about their work. After a couple pushes in the birthing pool, we welcomed another wonderful boy! Misty and Maggie cleaned up and made us food. They checked that we had everything we needed and left. Only to come back the next day to check on our health and make sure we were all doing well. It’s like having the best family members in the world! We were so well cared for and saw Misty and Maggie so often leading up to and after the birth and now I’m a little sad that we don’t get to see them every couple of weeks. My two births are my most cherished memories and a large part of that is credited to Misty. She made sure that I was able to Labor and birth how I wanted to. I feel that the confident, calm, encouraging energy that Misty and her team bring is invaluable. I am forever great full and love you women. XOXO


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