Birth Story for Sienna

Certified Professional Midwives

Sienna was originally supposed to be a hospital birth in Carson, until the OB and her assistant decided to be an absolute B to us. Which is when we decided to screw the hospital route and go home birth. That’s when Launa connected us with Misty- it instant felt right!!

I thought “OK I got my birth squad- Misty, Launa, Rory, Obie-Wan … now let’s do this shit!” I envisioned my labour to be like a really hard walk in the park, like I’d be a very “active” labouring mum- doing yoga, deep breathing, some v sexy oohing and aahing like you see in the movies, a big squeeze and voila.. bebé!!

Oh how wrong I was! 22hour labour of on and off contractions, I didn’t even make it up the stairs let alone that planned stroll around my neighborhood!!

I do confess that I did ask Rory to drive to the doctors to shoot me some meds and get this over with!! Good thing Rory locked the door and some encouraging words later…. Sienna Vera arrived on 6/26/14 at 1:57. 7.5lb and 18″ long.

Two a bit years later. We r crazy enough to do it all over again!! Round 2…

The week I found out I was pregnant again Misty came into Gaia w Harmony, and I instantly knew I was up the duff again. It was the universe’s way of telling me to go take a pregnancy test. So we messaged Misty the next week “Hey! We’re pregnant again!”

My biggest worry with Shiloh was the LONG labour again, having food to eat, and a clean house! So with everything planned and organised and in place we were ready! Well, no we were not prepared for an early arrival!! Of course I didn’t plan for that part- 2.5weeks before schedule to be exact…

What a totally different birth experience this was, a very quick and smooth 3hour labour and an even more killer birthing team. Rory and Sienna barely made it back in time he came so quick!! My most memorable labouring moment was Maggie and her magic balls!! 😉 Shiloh Douglas arrived 9/28/16 at 11:54, 7.3lb and 20″ long

Fun fact: Shiloh is born on Sienna’s conception date!!

Not so fun fact: Both kids have tongue tie!

And that’s my 2 healthy, happy, home- birth babies, Sienna and Shiloh delivered by Misty… And do I sound insane if I said I want to it one more time…?!

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