[dropcap]A[/dropcap] Blessing Way is a ceremony to honor the pregnant mothers rite of passage into motherhood and to celebrate the baby’s arrival to the world. As a facilitator I am like the sacred party planner. Typically in a Blessing way the mothers closest females are in attendance. Participants¬†bring blessings for the mother, prayers or birth stories maybe song, a bead or a stone. Together we create artful girts for the mother and baby . The mother may use these gifts in her birth space to remind her how loved and supported she is. Who doesn’t want to be blessed and honored for a day by their family and friends? I think pregnancy is the perfect time.

Gathered with sister blessing a new mama
Gathered with sisters blessing a new mama & welcoming baby to the world.

Sometimes the “Blessing Way Ceremony” is held outside in nature. We find these ceremonies to be a delightful way to honor and celebrate expecting mamas.

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