Maggie McGee at Ohana
“It’s an amazing thing to welcome a little one, especially when you are surrounded by so much love.”

Maggie has been working with Ohana as an assistant since 2016. She is a mother to four beautiful children, a wife, a midwifery student and a fitness coach. Maggie’s love for pregnancy and birth began in 2008 with the home birth of her first child. She found that the midwifery model of care made her feel safe, supported and empowered on her journey to motherhood. She has since had three more children safely at home with a midwife.

Shortly after beginning with Ohana she became a midwifery student at the Midwife College of Utah, where she is working towards her degree. Her goal is to license and continue working with Ohana as a midwife and to eventually open a birth center in the South Lake Tahoe area.

Maggie’s love for women and birth is palpable. She brings a calming essence to each birth she attends and genuinely loves the work we do. Maggie can be found at most births giving mamas hip squeezes and strong sacral support as well as offering gentle words of encouragement and strength. Maggie additionally offers most of our families nutritional support and fitness support pre and postnatally. She is an asset to all of the women she serves and we are blessed to call her part of our Ohana team .