Placenta Encapsulation by Midwife Doula
Placenta Encapsulation on South Shore

Available in South Lake Tahoe

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have been encapsulating placentas for almost 18 years. I was taught by my first midwife and now mentor Anita Rojas. I believe there is wisdom in consuming our placenta medicine. I believe it supports a woman to regain her vital force afterbirth. Placenta encapsulation is an easy, safe, and completely natural way to restore what is lost during pregnancy and birth. Placenta medicine has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries. Many women agree that consuming the placenta after birth helps by:

• Balancing hormones
• Increasing energy
• Enhances milk supply
• Decreases postpartum depression
• Decreases fatigue
• Assist the body in returning to a non pregnant state
• Replenishes depleted iron

I prepare it in the traditional Chinese Medicine method. I will pick it up from you at your hospital and return it to you by your 3 day postpartum but often within 36 hours . I will encapsulate for South Lake Tahoe families. I have references for Carson City and Reno, NV. Fee $150 for Ohana clients | $225 for community members